The importance of Fascia in optimal health, function and performance!

Structurally the fascia system suspends, supports, and enables all anatomical movement from the skin to cells and everything in between. When fascia is restricted by immobility, injury, and lifestyle it gets compressed and shortens, and  space is diminished within the joints and entire body. Pain and reduced function is often the result, negatively impacting many aspects of your life. When FST addresses your imbalances and restricted fascia, your body is set free. With this freedom your mind, spirit and world opens to live your life as it is meant to be.

How is Fascia Stretch Therapy Different?

With FST the individual’s needs are prioritized. Countless clients have reported that is just one session they have a reduction in their pain, and their posture and functional movement have significantly improved. Performed safely and pain-free, there is a personalized assessment, and the session is catered and customized for the individual’s specific needs.

Certified Level 1 practitioner Tansy Hunt

60 min session $99+HST

90 min session $149+HST

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