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Mindful Movements Yoga School
2020 Graduates

Our Registered Yoga Teachers – Graduating Class 2020

Back Row • Sue Millington • Debora Smith • Brian Pick • Julie Forestell • Sarah Simioni
Middle Row • Glenda O’Reilly • Judy Heissler • Sherri Browning • Angela Hennessy
Front Row • Robin Leger • Rebecca House • Teacher: Kym Riley, E-RYT • Deborah McKinney

About Your Teacher…

Kym Riley, E-RYT

Kym Riley is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, Owner of Mindful Movements Yoga School and Mindful Movements Studio.

Kym cultivated her love of movement and body discipline at an early age. Years of competitive gymnastics, fitness camps and a variety of individual and team sports inspired her direction for the future. After acquiring a BSSc Degree from the University of Ottawa with a concentration in recreation and leisure studies, Kym began her career in the health and fitness industry. She is the owner and inspiration behind Mindful Movements Studio as well as building the most amazing Mindful Movements Community. Her love of yoga and teaching merged beautifully with the creation of The Mindful Movements Yoga School. Kym thrives in an educational and mindful environment and is generous in sharing her knowledge with others so they can use their new skills to enhance their own practice or share them with their students.

If you are considering Yoga Teacher Training but just not sure if you can rise to the challenge? Kym can help. She has a way of empowering her students and encouraging them to do what even they aren’t certain they can accomplish. If you have questions reach out to Kym. She will be able to answer your questions, address your concerns and guide you so you make the decision that is right for you and your journey.


“My greatest reward to seeing my students succeed. My greatest gift is to be asked to guide them on their journey.” Namaste, Kym

What You Can Expect…

A Sacred Space for Learning

Working with a Partner

Practicing Your Poses

Coming Together as a Group

Future Teachers Moving Mindfully…

What You Will Learn…

Kym Riley E-RYT invites you to join a group of like-minded individuals who want to learn, grow and expand their yoga practice. It is your choice to use your knowledge for your individual practice or share your teaching with others once you become a Registered Yoga Teacher.

Mindful Movements Yoga School offers The Ambassador Yoga Teacher Training which is a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance registered program.
The training hours have been broken down into four modules, each of which contain all the fundamental elements required for your certification and registration with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher 200 (RYT 200).

4 x 50 Hour Modules = 200 Hour Training   (See below for the descriptions of the four modules included in your training.)

The Enlightened Life Module

Explore the wisdom of a Yogic lifestyle through the Yamas and Niyamas, commonly called the do’s and don’ts of yoga. These insights form the foundation of the Eight Limb Path, a series of yoga philosophies that provide useful guidelines to ground, inspire and enlighten you. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali will also serve as a reference to assist you in threading the truths of these ancient teachings into your modern life.

Required Reading: The Sutras of Patanjali

The Anatomy of a Healthy Life Module

Learn the technical aspects of the classical yoga postures (asanas) and the human anatomy and physiology required to teach them. You’ll advance your own physical practice and become confident instructing five powerful breathing techniques(pranayama). Deepen your understanding of the ways yoga creates strength and balance with a complete examination of the body locks (bandhas) and how modern science is used to support and demystify yogic traditions.

Required Reading: The Science of Yoga by William J. Broad    •    Recommended Reading: Yoga Anatomy by Leslie Kaminoff

Finding Calm in the Age of Speed Module

Yog-ahhh! The magic of yoga lies in the connection between the body, the spirit and the mind. Deepen your understanding of this connection through a comprehensive look at our internal energetic system, the Chakras! Becoming aware of the association between yogic anatomy and physical anatomy, you’ll recognize unbalanced emotional, physical and intellectual states and acquire tools that help restore balance. You’ll start teaching the classical postures in gentle and restorative ways with practical modifications that make them accessible to all your students. You’ll also be able to teach others how to find calm though chanting, meditation, and yoga nidra.

Required Reading: Living Your Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasiter

The Past, Present and Future of Yoga Module

Journey into the lessons and teachings of the spiritual roots of yoga philosophy through ancient texts and engage in practical conversations so you can apply these teaching to modern life. Learn specific techniques to help remove obstacles on your path and remain present and grounded while building your yoga business. Keep your head and standards high as you embrace your new endeavors with integrity and a very open heart!

Required Reading: The Bhagavad Gita

Resources You Will Receive…

As part of your tuition you will receive the Ambassador Yoga 200 HOUR YOGA TEACHER TRAINING MANUAL.

Resources You Will Need…

Over the course of your training you will need to purchase the following books for your training.

What Our Students are Saying…

Deciding to enroll in YTT in Mindful Movements School with Kym, was one of the best decisions I’ve made in some time. Regardless of your reason for wanting to join; Kym creates a warm and nurturing environment to learn more about Yoga and practice new skills. The entire experience from the first session to graduation was a joy and I feel fortunate to have such an experienced teacher to learn from and available to help me on my yoga journey.
Debora Smith

YTT Graduate 2020

Kym is an exemplary educator! She approaches her teaching in an unpretentious, approachable, and physiologically-grounded manner. She also fosters a communal and collaborative approach to learning. This course is an excellent tool for anyone wishing to expand and deepen their personal yoga practice or yoga teaching skills. Thank you, Kym! I learned so much and had fun doing it!
Judy Heissler

YTT Graduate 2020

Under the direction and guidance of Kym Riley, an experienced, passionate and knowledgeable teacher, I was able to not only learn but to practice and absorb what I learned through that practice. Kym led us through theory and practice lesson plans combining and threading the two together in such a way that it all made sense. There is SO much more to yoga than the average person realizes. Kym opened my eyes to a whole new opportunity to not only incorporate yoga into my daily routine, but to be in a position to teach and share this practice with others as I journey into my next adventure as a yoga teacher. I feel equipped and prepared to begin this journey with the knowledge imparted to me.

A highlight of the training for me, was the opportunity to partner up with each of the other students in our training group. Each week we switched up and shared our practices, thoughts and training activities with these new partners or groups. This allowed for variety and an opportunity to work with different personalities… all of which opened my eyes to the solidarity the yoga community imparts, while embracing every single person’s uniqueness. This was so empowering to all of the students. I started a student and ended up with 13 new friends!

Sue Millington

YTT Graduate 2020

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