Floating Lotus SUP ~ Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Your Pass Includes:

  • Try out 8 Classes of Your Choice
  • SUP Schedule runs June to September
  • Exciting NEW Classes for the 2022 Season
  • We offer teaching for all levels
  • Includes ALL Equipment for each class including board, leash, pfd, paddle

Our SUP Classes: (scroll to see descriptions)

  • Beginner & Intermediate Refresher SUP
  • SUP Yoga & Smoothie
  • SUP Boarding Bootcamp
  • SUP Pivot Party & Social
  • Sunset SUP & Social
  • SUP Tour & Turns (Coming Soon!)
  • SUP Course Challenge (Coming Soon!)

All You Need:

  • Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Water Shoes
  • Suitable Clothing for the water

Join Your Choice of Floating Lotus SUP Weekly Classes ~ Weather Permitting

Beginner & Intermediate Refresher SUP

This class will consist of two groups.

Group A will be Beginner. Beginner will include participants that have never tried SUP before or maybe have only been out 1 or 2 times. This beginner group will include on land practice , paddle techniques and safety before we go out on the water.

Group B will be the intermediate refresher. The refresher group will be for participants that know the safety , paddle techniques and all 4 turns. This refresher group will be for participants that are comfortable paddling and want to brush up on their skills. Class Times: (60 min.) Thursdays :  6:00pm Sundays : 8:30am

SUP YOGA & Smoothie

A guided paddle to loosen and limber the body followed by yoga flow with postures designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility. This joyous class will finish in relaxation pose. Enjoy a yummy Smoothie after class.

Class Times: (60 min.) Saturdays & Sundays:  8:30am

SUP Boarding Bootcamp

This fun SUP class will include a paddle tour, strength, cardio and core using the SUP Board. This class will finish with a full body stretch and some relax time to float on the water. All levels are welcome to this “NEW” energizing full body workout class!

Class Times: (60 min.) Tuesdays: 6pm Saturdays: 8:30am Sundays: 8:30am

SUP Pivot Party & Social

It’s a party on the water, and you’re invited! This class will focus on one of the 4 basic turns, “the pivot turn.” This turn has so many fun progressions that we dedicate a whole class to it. The pivot turn is convenient if you need to turn quickly or if you are practising going around an obstacle. A fun full-body workout for all levels! After practice, we will have a social with snacks and refreshments. A must-try this season!

Sundays: 8:30am (75min)

Sunset SUP & Social

This amazing evening will begin with a fun paddle into the sunset. Watching the sunset on the water is such a beautiful and meditative experience and we are so excited to share this time with you! After the sun takes its final dive down, we will paddle back to shore for a glass of wine or cider and time to relax. CHEERS to a fantastic Friday night!

Fridays: Start time: 7:00pm

Private SUP Group or Event

A fantastic opportunity to get your own group together for SUP. We will plan this class around your group and give you options for class styles to suit. All equipment will be provided for your group. There are options for light snacks, smoothies and other special treats to be included along with a camp fire. Please email Kym@mindfulmovements.ca to get a quote for your group or event.


SUP Tour & Turns

Coming Soon! Class Times: (60 min.)    

SUP Course Challenge

Coming Soon! Class Times: 60 min.

See you on the water! Kym & Amber Certifed SUP Instructors

We offer teaching for all levels. Come SUP with us – you’ll have a blast!

Did you know we have SUP for Kids too!

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