Welcome to Mindful Movements

Spring is the perfect time to bring your body and mind back into
health & harmony! As unique individuals we need a personalized approach to finding balance, reducing stress and creating a plan for our “whole self”. A plan we can easily maintain long term. A healthy, happy life isn’t about quick fixes or pushing ourselves beyond our limits. We have nothing to prove and everything to gain by treating ourselves as the vibrant, amazing individuals we are.

At Mindful Movements we encourage you to focus on renewing your vitality this season. One of the best ways to do that is to rid your body of unhealthy toxins. Detoxing can be achieved gently and the benefits you will experience will make your body and mind very happy.

This Spring Kym invites you to explore with her your individual needs. Together you will discover opportunities to feel better, experience less stress and enjoy more balance in your life. Book your FREE Consultation TODAY!

We have something NEW for you!
Have you heard of TRX Suspension Training? Prepare to be impressed! NEW to Mindful Movements, our TRX Strength Class promises to deliver an exhilarating, total body strength conditioning workout! Designed for all fitness levels. Only 6 spaces per class so don't miss out!

With 61 Spring Classes, including 18 HOT Yoga Classes, we can help find the perfect fit for you. NEW to Mindful Movements? Click here to book a Complimentary Class. Not certain what you need? Kym is always willing to help you. Simply contact Kym to schedule a FREE Consultation.


Yoga for Kids!

Our Mission
Our goal at Mindful Movements is to provide our clients with innovative, motivating and personalized classes and sessions. We create a calm yet stimulating atmosphere so our clients can relax, de-stress and get the most from their exercise.
Mindful Movements is "your destination to wellness."