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Kym - Registered Yoga Teacher • Certified Pilates Instructor • Certified Personal Trainer • Certified in Post Rehabilitation Conditioning • Level 2 Coaching Certificate • Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist


Kym Riley RYT, Fitness & Lifestyle Professional is the owner of Mindful Movements Studio in Belleville, ON. She encourages and supports all Mindful Movements’ clients with their Yoga, Fitness & Lifestyle goals. She understands that life can be busy and challenging and balance is key to optimal health.

If you need guidance and/or support Kym is always ready to assist you.

more about Kym...
Kym cultivated her love of movement and body discipline at an early age. Years of participating in competitive gymnastics, fitness camps and a variety of individual and team sports inspired her direction for the future.

After acquiring a BSSc Degree from the University of Ottawa with a concentration in recreation and leisure studies, Kym began her career in the health and fitness industry.

Since 2004, Kym has been the owner and manager of Mindful Movements in Belleville. Kym offers private, semi private and small group classes at the studio, catering to all ages and fitness levels. Kym holds certifications in pilates, personal training, post rehab conditioning, and has her level 2 coaching certificate. She is a registered yoga teacher and a certified Thai yoga massage therapist.

Her classes have a logical flow to them, building her students knowledge and confidence so they always leave feeling empowered. Mindfulness is also a strong theme in any one of her classes and she always challenges her clients to reach their full potential. Her greatest reward is to see her clients succeed. Kym welcomes you to the studio and on your destination to wellness.

Are looking for the perfect trainer to help you with your individual needs? If so, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to connect you with the right person at Mindful Movements in the County.


Nicole - Certified Personal Trainer • Yoga for Exercise Teacher • Therapeutic Touch Therapist


Fitness and health have always played a role in Nicole’s life growing up. She discovered her passion for resistance training in high school and instantly knew she wanted to be a personal trainer/group instructor. Nicole is a fitness and health promotion graduate from Loyalist College.

She also has a background in relaxation massage and aromatherapy.

more about Nicole...
With her 10+ years as a fitness professional, Nicole has had the pleasure of working with competitive dancers (individual and teams), sports athletes (for individual performance enhancing), sports teams (conditioning and fascia release), pre and post natal heath, as well as clients suffering with chronic pain due to injury/other health conditions (Fibromyalgia). Nicole brings a friendly smile and positive energy to every session. Your success is her #1 goal.
Robyn - Registered Yoga Teacher


Meet Robyn! Mom, stylist, salon owner, environmental technologist, and Certified Yoga Instructor! Being a member of the Mindful Movements’ team is both exciting and challenging. It is inspiring to grow, learn and teach among such authentic Yogis and trainers.

I love being part of the Mindful Movements’ community and teaching as well as interacting with all the students.

more about Robyn...
I have been practicing along with them for so many years. It’s lovely to be able to do so.
Lisa - Registered Yoga Teacher • Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher


I believe yoga can calm the mind and the soul. Yoga creates a safe space to which students can connect with their inner breath and increase body awareness, while enjoying exercise and learning skills to achieve a healthy “off the mat” experience.

more about Lisa...
I am a RYT200 and Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher and a personal trainer, specializing in Senior Fitness. I hold a degree in Psychology,  trainer certifications in PTSD, Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Workplace Burnout; assisting those who work in helping professions that are exposed to secondary trauma. I have extensive professional experience with primary trauma; domestic violence, sexual assault, grief and loss, to which individual yoga classes be an option for those wishing private practice.

Over the last 29 years, I have worked in social services fields, as an advocate, educator and front line service provider, assisting victims of crime and tragic circumstance. Providing crisis support, immediate intervention and teaching people has always been my passion. It is my sincere desire to take those skills and transform them to a practice that assists people in high stress life styles, helping them calm the mind.

Mindful Movements studio has given me the opportunity to explore my passion for helping people through the modality of yoga. My classes will use yoga, mediation, visualization and other wellness tools to empower people to see that they have a choice in how they react to the external pressures they come against.

Angela - Certified CanFit Personal Trainer • Certified Nutritional Coach


Hi, I’m Angela!
After having my first child 14 years ago I joined the Mindful Movements’ Community and fell in love with healthy living. It made such an impact on my life that I knew I needed to share the joy with others.

more about Angela...
My focus is on creating lasting change through building new habits that fit your lifestyle. I am now a Certified Nutritional Coach and Certified CanFit Personal Trainer.

I believe Transformation is not in the future, it’s in the now! It’s making that one small decision to try something new and do something differently everyday. It’s all of those small choices that make for lasting change. I am excited to meet with you and joining you on your journey!

Rebecca - Registered Yoga Teacher


Rebecca is a recent graduate of the Mindful Movements Yoga School and is very excited to begin her teaching journey. Yoga has been interwoven in Rebecca’s life for almost twenty years helping her through injuries, pre-natal care, post-natal care and everyday life.

more about Rebecca...
Moving to Prince Edward County four years ago provided Rebecca the opportunity to focus on her own eclectic yoga journey leading to this exciting new path. She hopes her experiences will help others achieve a sense of peace, calm and strength in today’s world. As a parent of three children when Rebecca is not being a taxi service, she is an avid traveller, sometimes writer/marketing professional, once in awhile on a stage and a complete supporter of living one’s most creative life.
Angie - Registered Yoga Teacher


Angie is a recent graduate of our Mindful Movements Yoga Teacher Training Program. She is honoured to be a new member of the Mindful Movements’ team and to share a practice she is so passionate about.
Having a Human Services diploma (St. Lawrence College), Yoga perfectly compliments her desire to serve others.

more about Angie...
Angie travelled Canada playing competitive rugby and soccer in her youth. As a young adult, she facilitated climbing and team building activities as a high ropes instructor. Empowering youth to pursue new experiences, and develop self confidence through trust and ‘Challenge by choice’ motivation.

As a mother of 2 young busy boys, she believes self care is imperative and invaluable to model for her family and community. Gardening, biking, snowboarding, fishing and exploring are among some of her favourite activities.

“Every individual should inject play into their life and prioritize it. Make time for it, because it will infuse you with vitality and sustain you through life’s challenges. Yoga is a universal system of self care for Every Body! Only requirements; your intention and breath. That’s a beautiful thing. Looking forward to connecting with you and sharing a practice that creates awareness, space and release”.

Hannah - Certified Pilates Instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher


Hannah Feltham was born in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. She began training in dance at the three years old under the tutelage of Kathleen Hicks. After her family moved to Ontario, she trained for six years at the Quinte Ballet School of Canada.
In 2014 she graduated from the School of Alberta Ballet.

more about Hannah...
Hannah graduated from the Certificate Program at The Ailey School in 2017. While at The Ailey School she had the opportunity to perform Mr. Ailey’s ballet “Memoria” with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater during their 2016 season at New York City Center. Her background is primarily in dance, however, it was while she was training at the The Ailey School in New York City that her passion for Pilates and Yoga began.

When she experienced low back pain for a short period of time, she sought physiotherapy in NYC and they told her that her core needed strengthening and to give Pilates a go. She had done some Pilates growing up as a dancer but never knew how much enjoyment she would get through exploring new studios and teachers. Understanding the mechanics and the benefits it had on her body, assisted her dancing immensely. She wanted to dive deeper into the method and received her Pilates Mat Certification through Linda Farrell in NYC.

After graduating from the The Ailey School, she began teaching in NYC with New York Optimum Performance as an Independent Contractor. She also taught at the Savitri Studio on the Upper East Side run by Jessica Cadden Osborne. It was a highlight to sub at Yoga Works after being inspired by the beautiful studio through a friend and mentor Erin Wilson. She loved teaching in NYC and she auditioned for many dance opportunities, landing one in Osaka Japan at Universal Studios. While she performed there for two years, she taught Pilates to many coworkers,as well as, having appearances as a guest teacher with lululemon in Osaka. In her second year, she became interested in getting her 200 RYT Yoga Certification through the Vancouver Sky Studio under the guidance of Yu Slater. She has discovered an amazing appreciation for both Pilates and Yoga, as the two methods have benefited her as a professional dancer. She has found that they have become an integral part of her cross training and have given her peace of mind in her hustle life.

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