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FREE Yoga Nidra Class

Join us November 1, 2020 @9pm for a blissful Yoga Nidra class.🛌

Brush your teeth…put on your jammies…turn the covers down, and climb in.💙

A  FREE 40 minute guided Nidra class to tap you IN to our deep subconscious🧠 so you can tap OUT for a good night’s rest!😴💙💤🙏

It is our 🎁 to you in these most hectic and unsettling of times.

Invite your family and friends to share in this nourishing experience. 💙🙏

Simply follow the zoom link below….turn your 📷 and your 💡 off…we will do the rest.🙏

Sleep tight!😉

Look for more Workshops Coming Soon…

In the meantime… check this out!


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