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Kym - Registered Yoga Teacher • Certified Pilates Instructor • Certified Personal Trainer • Certified in Post Rehabilitation Conditioning • Level 2 Coaching Certificate • Certified Thai Yoga Massage Therapist


Kym Riley RYT, Fitness & Lifestyle Professional is the owner of Mindful Movements Studio in Belleville, ON. She encourages and supports all Mindful Movements’ clients with their Yoga, Fitness & Lifestyle goals. She understands that life can be busy and challenging and balance is key to optimal health.

If you need guidance and/or support Kym is always ready to assist you.

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Kym cultivated her love of movement and body discipline at an early age. Years of participating in competitive gymnastics, fitness camps and a variety of individual and team sports inspired her direction for the future.

After acquiring a BSSc Degree from the University of Ottawa with a concentration in recreation and leisure studies, Kym began her career in the health and fitness industry.

Since 2004, Kym has been the owner and manager of Mindful Movements in Belleville. Kym offers private, semi private and small group classes at the studio, catering to all ages and fitness levels. Kym holds certifications in pilates, personal training, post rehab conditioning, and has her level 2 coaching certificate. She is a registered yoga teacher and a certified Thai yoga massage therapist.

Her classes have a logical flow to them, building her students knowledge and confidence so they always leave feeling empowered. Mindfulness is also a strong theme in any one of her classes and she always challenges her clients to reach their full potential. Her greatest reward is to see her clients succeed. Kym welcomes you to the studio and on your destination to wellness.

Are looking for the perfect trainer to help you with your individual needs? If so, feel free to contact me and I will be happy to connect you with the right person at Mindful Movements in the County.


Nicole - Certified Personal Trainer • Yoga for Exercise Teacher • Therapeutic Touch Therapist


Nicole is a graduate of Loyalist College’s Fitness and Health Diploma program where she received a nationally recognized personal training certification through CSEP, “the gold standard in exercise science and personal training”.

She enjoys using a variety of training styles to help her clients achieve their goals, keeping each session exciting, challenging and innovative.

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Nicole tailors each session to her client’s individual needs and fitness levels. She also possesses a “Yoga for Exercise” certificate, which allows her to provide private and semi private yoga instruction that’s great for beginners looking to strengthen their practise before beginning classes.

Nicole brings something new to the studio called “Therapeutic Touch”. Therapeutic Touch is an energy field modality that is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices. Therapeutic Touch allows Nicole to re-balance her client’s energy field to enhance their body’s natural healing process, reducing stress and anxiety.

Michelle - Certified Personal Trainer • Registered Yoga Teacher • Reiki Level I


Michelle’s passion lies in health and wellness through fitness and nutrition. She feels fortunate to be a member of the Mindful Movements’ team of teachers who are committed to helping people on their journey to improving their quality of life.

Michelle believes in providing clients with core concepts that encourage them to reach their fitness goals.

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She aims to empower clients in all aspects of their lives. Michelle integrates a sense of COMPASSION and understanding into clients’ sessions, allowing them to reach challenges they never thought possible.

In the spirit of INTEGRITY most people begin a fitness program with much ambition, only to get discouraged or give up when the going gets tough. Michelle helps clients recognize the value of realistic small steps and provides an honest perspective at every part of the journey, enabling clients to find within themselves, the strength they always had.

Michelle instills in clients the importance of living a life that is in BALANCE, by allowing rest and recovery to renew vital capacity and by making choices nutritionally that support clients thriving with abundance and energy. She also believes EDUCATION as a priority in the pursuit of fitness and health goals by dispelling myths and misconceptions that cause distraction and false hopes.Each client is acknowledged as a valuable individual to be treated with RESPECT and DIGNITY, creating an environment where each new challenge is faced with GRACE and WISDOM.

Michelle acknowledges that all obstacles along the journey to health and wellness are valuable tools in expanding our awareness of living a healthy, fulfilling life!

Eric - Registered Yoga Teacher


Eric discovered Yoga in 2011 and it has become the largest aspect of his life. Eric truly loves being a student of this practice and is often reading, listening and asking questions to continue to learn more. His personal practice and training is Ashtanga-Vinyasa based, although he has…

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…practiced a variety of lineages, from Kundalini Yoga to Bikram, and everything between.

He prefers a rigorous asana, challenging the mind to find stillness and the body, effortless, in the discomforts. His teachings resemble his own practice, although he understands the importance of a slow and gentle asana practice as well. Eric’s appreciation for the yogic philosophy is passed on through his teachings, encouraging students to maintain an open mind to all of what the incredible practice has to offer. Eric is a registered 200-hr Yoga Alliance Ashtanga-Vinyasa teacher; he completed his training with Erin Evans of the Bija Yoga School.

Robyn - Registered Yoga Teacher


Meet Robyn! Mom, stylist, salon owner, environmental technologist, and most recently… Certified Yoga Instructor! Being a new member of the Mindful Movements’ team is both exciting and challenging. It is inspiring to grow and learn among such authentic Yogis and trainers.

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I look forward to working with the students. I have been practicing along with them for so many years. It’s lovely to be able to do so.

Sabrina - Registered Yoga Teacher • Certified Personal Trainer


Sabrina is an energetic, free spirited, & encouraging individual. She makes a difference in people’s lives with her contagious smile, high energy & non-judgement. Sabrina loves to travel, Alice Springs, Australia & anywhere in BC being her favorite places so far.

more about Sabrina...

She taught spinning & personal trained in Australia for the year she was living there.

Fitness came into her life at the age of 14, competing in Cross Country & Long Track up until her final year of college.
She has always practiced some form of strength training including training for fitness competitions, with 4 competitions completed so far.

Sabrina is a graduate of Loyalist College and has been a Personal Trainer since 1999. She loves her rewarding career and encouraging her clients to meet their individual goals. She helps them keep a positive focus with their fitness as well as teaching them to be mindful through movement.

Sabrina fell In love with yoga 5 years ago. She experienced many different styles of yoga in a variety of different cities. She felt the benefits of yoga over time and knew her clients would benefit from yoga as well. Sabrina has completed her 200hr yoga teacher training and is currently working on the completion of her 500 hr yoga teacher training.

She is Canadian/Alliance Certified. Sabrina looks forward to sharing her passion for life & yoga through her teachings.
She has an enriching spirit that she brings to class, making the experience fun & invigorating.

She enjoys spreading her love of fitness & yoga to anyone who would like enhance their life.

Lisa - Registered Yoga Teacher • Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher


I believe yoga can calm the mind and the soul. Yoga creates a safe space to which students can connect with their inner breath and increase body awareness, while enjoying exercise and learning skills to achieve a healthy “off the mat” experience.

more about Lisa...

Over the last 29 years, I have worked in social services fields, as an advocate, educator and front line service provider, assisting victims of crime and tragic circumstance. Providing crisis support, immediate intervention and teaching people has always been my passion. It is my sincere desire to take those skills and transform them to a practice that assists people in high stress life styles, helping them calm the mind.

I am a YTT200 hr Yogi and Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher. I hold trainer certifications in PTSD, Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Workplace Burnout; assisting those who work in helping professions that are exposed to secondary trauma. I have extensive professional experience with primary trauma; domestic violence, sexual assault, grief and loss, to which individual yoga classes be an option for those wishing private practice.

Mindful Movements studio has given me the opportunity to explore my passion for helping people through the modality of yoga. My classes will use yoga, mediation, visualization and other wellness tools to empower people to see that they have a choice in how they react to the external pressures they come against.


Hi I’m Angela! After having my first child 14 years ago I joined the Mindful Movements’ Community and fell in love with healthy living. It made such an impact on my life that I knew I needed to share the joy with others. My focus is on creating lasting change through building new habits…

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…that fit your lifestyle. I am now a Certified Nutritional Coach and Certified CanFit Personal Trainer. I believe Transformation is not in the future, it’s in the now! It’s making that one small decision to try something new and do something differently everyday. It’s all of those small choices that make for lasting change. I am excited to meet with you and joining you on your journey!

Amber - Certified SUP Teacher • Registered Massage Therapist


This will be my second year working with Kym on the water and we’re excited to see everyone out for some Stand Up Paddleboarding lessons and activities! I am a registered massage therapist at Mindful Movements Studio and understand the importance of staying active.

more about Amber...

SUPing is one of my favourite past times and am thrilled to be teaching you proper form and skills on the board so you can get the most from your paddling experience!

I’ve been SUPing now for almost 5 years and can’t get enough of the serene yet physical practice. This is a great workout for the whole body and helps improve balance and build confidence on and off the water!

Challenging yourself with something new is the best medicine for staying young. So get outside and come check us out! I look forward to seeing everyone out this summer!

Amber Lynn Irwin R.M.T

Mikaela - Registered Yoga Teacher


Hello! My name is Mikaela. I am an avid yogi, ready to share my love for this practice with anyone and everyone! I have been immersed in the yoga world for 7 years now, and continue to grow my knowledge and joy of teaching via self-study and workshops. I like to explore a mix of everything in my classes: strength, flexibility, creativity, alignment, traditional yoga…

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…teachings/wisdom, feel good playlists, essential oils, you name it! I enjoy getting to know my students and always provide effective cues as well as hands on assists during my classes. From my experience this provides others with a feeling of comfort, safety, and learning! I want my students to learn something new every time they step on to their mats. I hope to inspire others to explore not only their asana (posture) practice, but also their spiritual, internal practice that is a huge part of yoga.

Aside from yoga I love to be outdoors, travel, eat healthy food (lots of plants!), create in the kitchen, write for my blog, and spend time with good friends and family. The simple stuff!

I absolutely love teaching private yoga sessions (1 person or a small group) as I feel it’s a powerful way to grow your practice. It’s a learning experience for both my students and myself. I would be happy to dedicate an hour to helping you discover a depth in your practice.

Julie - Registered Yoga Teacher • Registered Reflexology & Thai Massage Therapist


Julie found yoga over 20 years ago while soaking up the mountain energy in Alberta. In 2009, she completed her 200HR Yoga Teacher Training.
Holding true to her heart she knows anyone can benefit from yoga’s ability to release physical and emotional tension while creating a deep peace and calm within. Julie is a Registered Reflexology and Thai Massage Therapist.

more about Julie...

Her knowledge and passion for self-care and healing is continually evolving. Believing everyone is on their own journey of self-discovery, Julie holds space to provide compassion and respect for her students and clients. Her teaching style incorporates a blend of Yin, Hatha and Restorative Yoga with plenty of hands on assists and intuitive touch.

Julie has resided in Prince Edward County for 8 years with her family, and restores herself by practicing yoga and being outdoors on her dream property.

Kate - Registered Yoga Teacher for Children & Seniors


Kate comes to the studio with a certificate in teaching both children’s and seniors’ yoga. She believes in the power of yoga to help grow, learn and heal. Using her easy way with children, Kate incorporates laughter, fun, meditation and song into asanas adapted for children of all ages. Children’s yoga is a peaceful, non-competitive, fun way for children to stretch, grow and laugh.

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This is great for children of all shapes and sizes and all levels of ability. Yoga is a great way to channel extra energy and calm anxiety. We believe that enjoying regular yoga practice at a young age can help foster a lifelong positive attitude and commitment toward the nurturing of body and mind.
Kate leads our Nava “Young” Yoga classes for babies to young teens:

Starfish Yoga (babies to walking)
Turtle Yoga (walking to 3 years)
Frog Yoga (4 -7 years)
Dolphin Yoga (8 -12 years)
Eagle Yoga (13 -15 years)


Mike Scott RMT graduated from the Algonquin College Massage Therapy program in 2007.
While in school, Mike worked at a specialty running store in Ottawa and acquired a special interest in assessing and treating running injuries and imbalances. Mike continues his interest to this day, helping runner’s pre and post-race.

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Mike is also a Personal Trainer at Mindful Movements Studio, helping his clients to improve postural imbalances, increase endurance and strength for activities of daily living/sports and to maintain or improve mobility.

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