Infrared Sauna Treatments

Proven Benefits:

  • Removes Toxins and Mineral Waste
  • Relieves Pain
  • Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
  • Improves the Immune System
  • Promotes Healthy Looking Skin
  • Increases Blood Circulation
  • Strengthens the Cardiovascular System
  • Burns Calories and Controls Weight
  • Relief from Mild Depression (SAD)

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Removes Toxins and Mineral Waste

Radiant energy produced by the infrared sauna heats the user, creating increased blood circulation. This increased blood flow stimulates the sweat glands, releasing built-up toxins and waste. Regular sweating can help detoxify your body as it rids itself of an accumulation of potentially carcinogenic heavy metals (lead, mercury, zinc, nickel, cadmium) as well as alcohol, nicotine, sodium, sulfuric acid and cholesterol.

Relieves Pain

The deep heat from the sauna helps peripheral blood vessels dilate, bringing relief and healing to muscle and soft tissue
injuries. Increased blood circulation carries off metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-rich blood to oxygen-depleted muscles, so they recover faster. Muscles relax most readily when tissues are warm, for greater flexibility and range of motion.

Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness

In Europe, radiant heat therapy is widely used to treat patients suffering from many forms of arthritis. In addition, it has been
proven effective in the treatment of sprains, neuralgia, bursitis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness and many other muscular-skeletal ailments. Much of the stiffness, aches and soreness that comes with aging is reduced or eliminated.

Improves the Immune System

A sauna’s deep heat raises your body temperature, inducing an artificial fever. As it works to combat the “fever,” your body’s immune system is strengthened. Combined with the elimination of toxins and wastes produced by the intense sweating, your overall health and resistance to disease is increased.

Promotes Healthy Looking Skin

While in the sauna, your blood vessels expand resulting in better blood flow. During the increased blood flow, more nutrients
are able to reach the skin. You come out of the sauna with glowing, healthier looking skin. Infrared saunas help clear cellulite,
the gel-like lumps of fat, water and debris trapped in pockets beneath the skin. The radiant heat of the infrared sauna warms three times as deeply as conventional saunas, making it significantly more effective at reducing cellulite.

Increases Blood Circulation and Strengthens the Cardiovascular System

As your body increases sweat production to cool itself, your heart works harder pumping blood at a greater rate to boost circulation, supplying the conditioning benefits of continuous exercise. Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops, for improved overall cardiovascular fitness. Increased blood circulation has also been shown to relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns, lesions and cuts. In addition, open wounds heal more quickly, reducing scarring.

Burns Calories and Controls Weight

As you relax in the gentle heat of the sauna, your body is actually hard at work, producing sweat, pumping blood and burning calories. According to a Journal of the American Medical Association report, in a single sauna session you may burn as many calories as you would rowing or jogging for 30 minutes. So you lose weight – not just water.

Relief from Mild Depression (SAD)

Radiant rays penetrate through the skin down to the subcutaneous tissue. This causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate producing an overall increase in blood circulation. This increased blood flow stimulates the hypothalamus which is reponsible for the production of neuro chemicals. These chemicals control sleep, mood, appetite, pain and blood pressure. Clinical studies have shown improvement in all patients with SAD (seasonal affective disorder) when they followed a series of Infrared Sauna treatments.

Group Classes

Mindful Movements Studio provides a unique selection of group classes and times to fit your needs and schedule. Our  registered yoga teachers and trained fitness instructors will guide you through your chosen classes to ensure you get the most out of your workout or yoga practice. To learn more about our classes review our class schedule and our class descriptions.

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Private Yoga • Semi Private Yoga

In our private space you will be guided through a yoga practice from one of our registered yoga teachers. Learn the basics, fine tune your current yoga practice, or perhaps take a yoga practice home. From the beginner to experienced yogi, these ultimate private sessions are truly amazing and are designed specifically for you. Email for more information, pricing or to book your session today.

Personal Training

Mindful Movements Studio’s certified personal trainers will work with you to enhance your fitness and achieve your individual goals. Email for more information, pricing or to book your session today.

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Mondays with Kym ~ Thai Yoga Massage
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Mindful Body Treatments

Please note: All treatments must be prebooked and are subject to hst. Services are non-refundable.

What are Mindful Body Treatments?

Mindful Body TreatmentsEach of these unique treatments will blend the relaxation and tranquility of restorative yoga with the added benefit of one other modality. Release tension in the mind and tightness in the body as we take you through this one of a kind amazing experience. Everything is included with these treatments so all you need to bring is “you”. Wear comfortable clothing and after your treatment be sure to enjoy some fresh cucumber & lemon water or soothing organic tea.

Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient body work therapy based on yoga and Ayurveda that was born in the temples of Thailand. This unique healing system also called “Nuad Boran” is widely known as traditional Thai Massage.

The practitioner guides the recipient through a series of yoga postures while palming and massaging the body’s energy (sen) lines and pressure points. Together these movements result in an amazing full body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body physically, mentally and energetically. After the treatment most clients immediately feel more relaxed as the nervous system, blood flow and relaxation response are all stimulated while relaxing the mind and body simultaneously.

30min: $45 • 45min: $55 • 60min: $80
75min: $105 • 90min: $120 • 120min: $140
(This treatment must be prebooked)
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Thai Yoga Massage for Two

Same wonderful treatment as above and more. This treatment allows couples or friends to enjoy a Thai Yoga Massage together with two practitioners.

60min: $160 (This treatment must be prebooked)
BOOK NOW: (email: with your choice of Mindful Body Treatment, day, date & time you would like to book)

Thai Yoga Massage with Hot Stones

Experience a beautiful blend of Thai Yoga stretching massage combined with the healing energy from volcanic basalt hot stones. Relax and unwind with this unique healing treatment.

60min: $90 • 90min: $130 (This treatment must be prebooked)
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Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage

Heated and healing Basalt stones along with your unique blend of customized oils are massaged into the skin bringing circulation, nourishment and deep relaxation to the entire body.

60min: $90 • 90min: $130 (This treatment must be prebooked)
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Please note: All treatment pricing is subject to hst.

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