Class Descriptions

NEW Athletic Edge Yoga

This class will be amazing for either the recreational or competitive sport enthusiast. If you participate or plan to participate in any sporting activity this is the class for you! Reduce your risk of injury, improve body alignment, movement better and improve flexibility. We will combine yoga movements, facial release, longer held relaxing poses plus teach breathing techniques that will maximize results for your sport. This new one of kind class welcomes all levels of athletes’ from Teens to Seniors!

Mindful Mixer

An energizing blend of the best Mindful Movements Studio offers! You will strengthen and align your body from head to toes! Improve cardio conditioning on our Real Ryder bikes and move your body more effectively with primal movement patterns. After all of this ….. it is time for a relaxing, calming yoga to conclude. Every minute of this class is jammed packed with everything you need to feel your best! All levels welcome.

Pilates Energy Flow

This refreshing class will have you moving your body with freedom and flow. Develop longer leaner muscles while improving overall strength and mobility. Increase energy flow through your body with classical Pilates movements along with our unique Mindful Movements’ flows. Conclude this class with restoration, relaxation and muscle release on the beam (spine strip). The perfect finish to this movement class.

HOT Yoga Warrior Flow

This vinyasa “Flow” class is designed to bring forth a unique experience filled with movement, strength, grace and clarity. Bring forth your inner warrior as you connect the body and mind creating positive results that will carry over into your everyday life.

Mindful Movement's Offering  Enjoy a refreshing, fragrant lemongrass cold cloth after class.

Sweet Flow + Restorative Yoga

This class begins with a guided vinyasa that will feel like a full body movement massage. Closely followed by relaxing and calming postures. This class is a perfect ending to a busy week.

Group Training SUPER SET

Experience a new “Set” of super strength building, energizing experiences each week, TRX, GTS, Infrared Movement Medley and more. A great chance to try everything that Group Training has to offer.

Thera Yoga

This class is designed to realign, refocus and tune up your entire body. Using myofascial release techniques we will calm your nervous system, improve movement in your body and encourage better breathing. Each class will be specifically designed around the teaching of one therapeutic yoga posture. A new and insightful practice with lots of fun props including 3 sizes of therapy balls, Beam (spine strip), straps, egg blocks and more. You will feel relaxed, massaged and more aligned after each class. All levels welcome!

HOT Yoga Power + Peace Flow (also available without heat)

A vinyasa “Flow” of dynamic strength building postures, followed closely by – postures that enhance flexibility and create a sense of calm. Deepen your inner power, expand your breathing and peace out! Spread the LOVE.

Mindful Movement's Offering  Enjoy a refreshing, fragrant lemongrass cold cloth after class.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is a quiet inward yoga practice that allows you to bring breath and openness to areas of the body that hold tightness. Hips, thighs, pelvis, back and shoulders will be the focus. Yin poses are held longer to encourage deeper awareness as you connect to body and soul. Feel your body lengthen and your tension melt away after each practice.

GTS Precision Pilates

A total tone workout to strengthen and lengthen, from head to toe. Experience amazing, classical Pilates movements on our super versatile GTS machine. A must try!

HOT Hatha Yoga + Meditation (also available without heat)

Enjoy a variety of poses with the increased benefits of our hot room. This yoga class will balance the sun and moon energy by guiding you through postures that are heating and invigorating and postures that are calming and relaxing. You will improve balance, build strength and learn a variety of different breathing techniques in this class designed for all levels. Posture will be held for varying lengths (depending on teacher). Harmonize your body and mind with this practice. Seal your practice with a closing meditation.

Mindful Movement's Offering  Enjoy a refreshing, fragrant lemongrass cold cloth after class.

Therapeutic GTS Movement + Strength

Using a fantastic free motion piece of equipment, you will move better, develop strength and feel your best. This training is based upon the approach of improving movement first, strength second and flexibility third. A great start for a beginner, anyone working with injuries or those looking to fine tune their movement and strength.

HOT Yoga Ashtanga

Ashtanga Yoga is a system of Hatha Yoga that involves synchronizing the breath with a challenging series of movements and postures. It is a moving meditation that helps to develop a strong, light body and a quiet, steady mind. Each movement in the Ashtanga Vinyasa System is assigned a breath. As one moves through the vinyasas, a deep heat is created which burns away the impurities of the body, mind and senses.

Mindful Movement's Offering  Enjoy a refreshing, fragrant lemongrass cold cloth after class.

Cross Training Camp

A motivating and energizing full body class that will improve your cardio, strength and core. A lovely de-stress yoga will conclude this class.

HOT Yoga Chakra Flow

An energizing, balancing vinyasa “Flow” that will move your body from grounding Root chakra postures “Muladhara” all the way through the seven primary Chakras , finishing with crown Chakra “Sahasrara”. A beautiful Savasana (relaxation) will conclude this class.

Mindful Movement's Offering  Enjoy a refreshing, fragrant lemongrass cold cloth after class.

Signature Class –  FUEL

Fitness with our unique & special blend of cardio • strength • posture • core • mobility • yoga
Unleash your potential for truly functional movement and enjoy the freedom to feel your absolute best.
Energize every cell in your body holistically to balance your energy moving in and out.
Lifestyle tips weekly to help you stay on track.

Mindful Movements Offering  Lifestyle Tip & freshly made Organic Juice served up at this class.

Group Training Infrared Movement Medley

This innovative training combines the heat healing properties of infrared with Strength Training, Pilates, Cardio, Core and Yoga. Our uniquely designed “green” room infused with Do-terra essential oils will energize you through the workout and calm you through the Yoga. Looking for a body mind transformation? This is it!

Happy Cycle RealRyder®

This mindful 30 minute cardio cycle will put a smile on your face. A fun ride for all levels. You can climb the challenging hills or take the scenic route, make this a feel good ride for you!

Group Training GTS/MOTR Strength • Balance • Core

This class will build balanced strength through your entire body combining two incredible pieces of equipment. Enjoy the results from this personalized group training session. (5 participants)